Modded Minecraft | 7 Days to Mine | Episode 46: Homeward Bound

Modded Minecraft | 7 Days to Mine | Episode 46: Homeward Bound

Welcome back to 7 Days to Mine! It’s time to head on home with all of our epic loot and plan what is to come next.

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Unlike other zombie apocalypse mod packs for Minecraft, 7 DayZ to Mine procedurally generates all cities, fortresses, walls and boss encounters/bases as you explore your own world in both single and multi-player. Instead of a ridiculous crafting recipe for old world technologies that betray logic or the complexities of manufacturing, 7 DayZ to Mine requires you to fight and explore to recover pre-apocalypse technologies such as computers and guns. You can also use post-apocalyptic technologies that preserve the crafting experience and extend late-game play.

Discover dozens of custom coded encounters such as: Mutant Laboratories with Undead Technicians and a Mutant Zombie. Raid police and fire stations patrolled by zombie policemen and firemen. Find underground vaults and structures with maze-like passageways, traps and more! Custom chest loot that becomes better as you explore more dangerous places. Custom salvaging recipes for more than 600 items.

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