Elvis Summers Built Tiny Homeless Homes, Fights L

Elvis Summers Built Tiny Homeless Homes, Fights L.A. After Confiscation, W/ Brian Engelman.

Brian Engelman interviews Elvis Summers at a Los Angeles rally to support providing the homeless with a tiny roof over their heads.

Elvis saw a person sleeping on the street near his home, so he built a tiny house to provide protection & shelter. He built a few more, and the city came and removed the “bulky items” that were housing homeless inhabitants.

So now the issue is getting both: more complex, and more simple by the day. Can the “Good Samaritans” and the city work together to find some creative ideas on how to provide some basic services and shelter for the homeless, or will this issue further divide a fragile relationship between governmental “have’s”, and average, resident “have-not’s”?

Take a listen & offer your comments.

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