D_N Mugen: Homer Simpson & Iori Yagami Survivor

D_N Mugen: Homer Simpson & Iori Yagami Survivor

What do Homer Simpson and Iori Yagami have in common? Well, after watching this video, you will see.

Homer was based off of Iori (which also explains why some attacks Homer uses will turn an enemy purple.) so I thought it would be an interesting fight if they fought together. Because Iori is naturally vicious and Homer is naturally….Homer, it proved a great survivor fight.

I also have been searching for “Pokemon stadium” for my Mugen Stage Roster. Mostly because of a different Survivor fight (by JudgeSpear), the Stage just looked awesome, with the Music seeming to fit perfectly.

I would also like to say that the ending of this fight, really took me by surprise. I seriously said “Lol” before I busted out laughing.


Stage: Pokemon Stadium (Kamek the Magikoopa)
BackGround Music: Poke Floats (SSBM)