5 Kitchen Gadgets You MUST HAVE!▶ 3

5 Kitchen Gadgets You MUST HAVE!▶ 3

Amazing kitchen gadgets you must see. Improve and make your kitchen better with these futuristic inventions.


ALCHEMA: https://goo.gl/cnFTtr
Weighitz: https://goo.gl/zhKsUO
Paragon: https://goo.gl/uU1KAp
HAPIfork: https://goo.gl/t0ilEz
HÖMDRY: https://goo.gl/LYE14g


1. ALCHEMA: Turn Fruit into Personalized Craft Cider. Explore creative flavor combos and make your own craft cider at home from fresh fruit.
2. Weighitz: Weigh Smarter. Weighitz are miniature smart scales designed to weigh anything in the home.
3. Paragon: Make precision cooking easier with advanced heat monitoring technology for sous vide and more.
4. HAPIfork: eat slowly, feel better. HAPIfork Is the Smart Fork That Helps You Eat Healthier, Eat Slower and Lose Weight By Eating at the Right Time and at the Right Speed.
5. HÖMDRY: The Perfect Home Hand Dryer. The 1st Hand Dryer Built For Your Home: Compact, Affordable, Cordless and Environmentally Friendly!

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